Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals VS Children’s Defense Fund

When I think of a nonprofit organization only good things are associated with it in my mind, but in reality there are many different parts of these organizations that make some better and more effective than others. Some of the criteria I used to compare and contrast the organizations listed above are the transparency and use of the organizations’ financials, as well as the previous accomplishments of the organization, meaning the amount of children they have an impact on.

If you haven’t seen the title of the post or any of the pictures already, then I guess it is time to formally introduce the two organizations I have picked to verse each other in today’s post. The two organizations in today’s comparison are Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and the Children’s Defense Fund. Both of these prestigious organizations are great at what they do, but of course one is better than the other. They both aim to make the world a better place for children to live in whether it be their health, safety, or education. I chose these two similar organizations due to the fact that they both operate on a national scale and both kind of have the same goal in keeping the children protected and healthy.

An organization’s transparency in its financials department is extremely important because it will make or break a nonprofit’s ability to take in donations. If a nonprofit does not have its spending clear for the consumer to see, then nobody will want to donate to the cause. On top of its transparency the organization must also spend its money in a smart and effective way to show consumers that work is actually being done with their donations. Overall, the better the organization the more transparent their spending will be and the easier it will be to find the information.

To start off, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals (CMNH) easily surpasses their requirements when it comes to the transparency of financials; they show what the donations are being used for through the easy to find tab located on the home page. Located at the bottom of the page, there are multiple files containing each of the organization’s audits and annual reports. These files have the values of how much money they have received, and who it is from, as well as how much has been spent and what it has been spent on. So to really put in the simplest terms it can be Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is very transparent with their financials and I’m not the only one that has noticed. On the Charity Navigator website, CMNH was given a rating of 100 points in the section titled accountability and transparency; In addition to that, they received an 87.5 in the financial area showing that Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals takes care in being transparent and efficient with the money they receive.

                       This is a screenshot of one of the financial statements located in the annual reports at the bottom of the financials tab on the Children’s Miracle Network Hospital’s website.

Screenshot (5)


In terms of the Children’s Defense Fund (CDF), their financial statements are a little bit more difficult find, this was the first thing I noticed. After a little browsing the financials are found under the “About Us” tab, and brings you to all of their audited financial statements. It basically has all the same information that CMNH has in their statements, so there was nothing too offsetting between the organizations. After checking the Charity Navigator once again to compare the scores i saw a difference; the CDF received an average score of 84% while CMNH obtained 91%. I realized that something must not be right so I did some more digging and found that each of the CDF’s directors and vice president make at least 150K a year. This had to be the reason why their score was so low, and definitely a reason why they aren’t as popular of a nonprofit foundation.

Located below are the CDF’s annual salaries and percentages of how much the member/employee of the foundation spends. (Taken from Charity Navigator)

Screenshot (6)

Another method I used to critique these two organizations is how much they have gotten done with all the time that they had. The main thing I looked for while having this in mind was what the foundation has really done for the kids. After searching through many websites and news articles I found that both of these nonprofit organizations have gotten a lot done, and i needed to further my criteria for this topic. I decided that each organization would be grade based off their ratio of money received verses the amount of children saved/helped.

The Children’s Miracle Network has done so much over the years, that before I begin judging them I have to give credit where credit is due. To start off, CMNH has raised over 5.7 billion dollars in which they spread between the 170 hospitals under their domain. In addition to raising tons of money, they also have impacted the lives of many children in the United States. Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals takes in 62 kids every minute and treat 2,329 children every day for surgery: These are just a few of the statistics that tell of CMNH’s good work. This information was all found in the “Statistics” and “How The Money is Used” section of the Children’s Miracle Network Website.

The picture below and to the left is an example of the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals Logo, and to the right of it is the Children’s Defense Fund logo.

cmnh logochildrens defense fund logo

In addition to not being great when it comes to the visibility and efficient use of funds, the Children’s Defense Fund is just adequate when  observing their involvement and impact on the lives of children in North America. The CDF has many different campaigns that focus on the different goals of the organization; the Campaigns range anywhere from the “Road to Freedom” campaign to the “Protect Children Not Guns” campaign. Overall, the CDF seems to just spread itself too thin and doesn’t seem to actually accomplish that much in terms of affecting the lives of children.

All in all, I believe that both the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and the Children’s Defense Fund have helped children around North America. Not only are they good nonprofits but obviously one must be better than the other. So to finally come to a conclusion as to which is the best nonprofit in its section, I must say that the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals takes the cake by far. They outnumbered and beat the CDF in each section of being critiqued. In conclusion, Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals is far support of an organization is my eyes, but in the end they both make the world a better place.



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